Being me.

music to read by :: Hickory (Iron and Wine)

Yeah. It’s been 9 months since I’ve posted here.

I mostly fell off the blog-wagon due to an overwhelming feeling of posting about someone who was trying to be someone worth posting about – and failing at it. I mean, if I wasn’t one of the cool homesteading kids who made my own soap while hand raising wild turkeys to guard my for-making-my-own-clothes-hemp patch, well then what exactly did I think I was doing here?

And I’ve been busy; working projects of varying importance to my life, potting, slowly taking back my health and changing the course of my life.

Now I’m ready to return. There will be some changes here – but not many; a change in categories, a slightly different focus, and an allowance to be me – to write about the mundane, silly things that go on in my day to day.

That will be the important change here. Allowing myself to be me.


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