The best goldarn sammich buns. Ever

music to read by :: Sandwich (Blue Cheer)

And I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the eggs and sugar. Nope. No way.

I have this recipe in my old and tattered bread book by Better Homes and Garden, inherited from my mom, however I am going to write it out in my method, as I don’t use a mixer, and am just a combine stuff add flour kinda bread maker. It is listed as a hamburger bun but, trust me, you will use them for all your yummy sammich needs.

Start with your yeast – 2 tbsp, or two packages depending on how you roll. I buy my in bulk, so 2 tbsp it is. Add 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tbsp salt.

Pour in 1/3 cup vegetable oil, then add 2 cups warm water and stir.

Mix in up to 4 cups of four – you don’t want to get to a doughy point yet, keep it kind of smooshy. Add 3 well beaten eggs. Mix.

Add more flour, cup by cup, while mixing. When it starts to become dense and stiff, switch to kneading – first in the bowl, and them by turning out to a floured surface.

Quick note here, I never turn out. I have a very small kitchen with virtually no surface space, so I do all my kneading in the bowl.

Knead in flour and work the dough until you get that lovely looks sticky but isn’t velvety ball of dough. It should take approximately 8 cups.


Cover and let rise until double in size. Now, every single part of my house is drafty, but I’m lucky and have a “proofing” setting on my over. On the rapid setting, it takes about an hour.

Once the dough has doubled, punch it down and separate into three balls. Let the dough rest for 5 minutes. Grease your pans. Separate each ball into 8. Shape these smaller pieces into balls then flatten with your hands and place on your baking sheets.

Cover and let rise until double in size.

Bake in a pre-heated (375) oven for approximately 10 minutes, your oven depending. Cool for 10 minutes.

Slice those babies open and stuff what you want inside (please tell me that doesn’t sound as bad as I think it does…)

This makes 24 buns and, unless you are my husband, you can’t eat them all in one go. Just slice them open and freeze them. They will still taste great!



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