How to move books in 10 easy steps

music to read by :: Book Song (Frente!)

Step 1 :: Take picture of mess to be moved. Documentation is important!

1year old mess of books to be moved

Step 2 :: Grab small pile of books and take upstairs

Step 3 :: Stop to knit, because hey! One small pile of books, gone! And that slipper’s not gonna knit itself!

Slipper, started!

Step 4 :: Sigh, grab another pile of books and move it upstairs.

Step 5 :: Decide you are now waaaaay too hungry (having skipped breakfast under the stress of moving these books) and enjoy a piece of toast and a tall cold mug of something.


Step 6 :: Move a couple more books upstairs, remembering to trip over the dog.

Step 7 :: Explain to the dog why you are going from floor to floor with books (while he follows) and not sitting on the couch with him.

poor, confused puppy

Step 8 :: Feel guilty, sit and knit with puppy

Step 9 :: Move remainder of books to now existing book pile in bedroom.

all done!

Step 10 :: Take finished photo and post-process in an artsy-fartsy way – and write blog post – as an excuse to ignore new pile of books in bedroom.


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