Knitting three to get one

music to read by :: Red Knit (Mutsuhiko Izumi with Jimmy W)

I’m a newbie knitter, in that I learned last fall, made a bunch of slippers and scarves, a few hats, some arm warmers, half a sock, and then took a break for summer. Then September rolled around and, Holy Crap! Birthday present time was upon me.

So I pulled out the  needles, bought some birthday present wool and promptly realized knitting had fallen out of my brain and had, in fact, been left by the side of the road bloodied, an unravelled mess.

But I persevered.

I fell back onto ol’ faithful scarf, a basic pattern found on the wrappers of wool. But where was a damn wrapper pattern when you need one! Certainly not on the wool I had bought! Lucky me.

So I sat. I meditated. I remembered.

And after a bit of unravelling, brain farting, and use of my iPhone knit counter, I produced a scarf and was back into the swing of things.

Basic pattern, remembered!

It was kinda like riding a bike, if riding a bike was done sitting on your couch with pointy things.

Or not.

Basic hole-y scarf pattern (for those of you who throw out your wrappers)

You can use any size needles you want, it’s your scarf after all!

  • Cast on an even amount of stitches. I worked 14, but was using a chunky wool, and size 8 needles.
  • rows 1-6 – knit
  • rows 7-10 – k1, (k2t0g, yo)-repeat until one stitch left – k1
  • repeat 10 row pattern until desired length
  • cast off
  • add tassels if the mood hits.

Intentional holes!

Finished! With tassels!

That’s it, that’s all! That took me three tries to remember!

I just hope I’m all ramped up now because there are a lot of birthdays coming up!


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