Sometimes, it just takes a bit of perspective

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This first week of September has been pretty stressful here at Casa Vassal. Work and school producing huge stress moments for my husband, and our bank account producing many wee heart attacks for me.

As you know, choosing to be a single income family, in this day and age, creates many challenges plus introduces moments of “not fitting in” and feelings of lesserness (hey! look at that word I just made up! royalties for me!)

My frugalness, born out of necessity, has become a comfortable way of life now, and I can’t imagine being as wasteful as we once were when we were a two income no kid entity. And even before the high tech, high income lifestyle, I was a wasteful – but creative – art student.

Yesterday, I hit a bit of a low in the woe-is-me-i-can’t-afford-what-i-want pouts, forgetting that what I want and what I need are two very different things. Also forgetting that what I want is often fleeting, and that I am – and always have been – happier with things I have either created or repurposed.

Must be the artist in me.

So this is my reminder post. Below are a few of my favourite things around the house, items found or given to me, some repurposed. All are great representations of me and who I really am.

And I really need to remember this when I am bummed out by something as uncreative as money. (warning: photo heavy)

The Fireplace

Our Fireplace :: The installation was totally messed up by The Fireplace Center (note: no recommendation from us), so we ended up covering the original brick with fireboard, doing a paint treatment, and then adding hand carved by hubby birds, plus antique knocker. I still need to make some tiles for the floor.

Antique Radios

Our antique radios :: We have these in multiple rooms, hooked up to apple airports, with decent computer speakers hidden inside. We then stream all our music throughout the house. (and my favourite re-gifted to me birthday present! iPad!)

Dining Room Seating

Church Pew :: Recently acquired as a thank you for helping on moving day. The wonky knitted bum pad makes it homey for me and maybe a tad more comfortable for those who have to sit there. You can also see a bit of the dining room chair we picked up at the side of the road; 5 for 25$

Hand made mugs!

Mugs :: I love that none of them match and are all handmade, either by other local potters, or are the rejects-from-sale that I’ve made.

Our bed

The bed :: Given to us by a dear friend who wanted it out of her garage. She had been storing it forever as it didn’t fit up her stairs. It fit up ours! I think I’ll eventually paint it yellow.

Handpainted Ouija Board

Our Art :: We have lots of art about the house, but this one always makes smile, because who doesn’t suddenly feel the need to contact the dead when sitting naked in the tub? Designed and painted by hubby, on a section of old wooded door.

Garden gate turned railing

Railing :: An old discarded garden gate, found in the neighbourhood – by another neighbour and then given to me – is now being used as a railing for our back porch.

Bike rack

Bike Rack :: I found this old fence section set out for garbage collection, and with the help of two friends, a skateboard, and a van, brought it home to become our bike rack. I had plans to paint it, but I kinda like it all rusty. It’s slowly being covered by climbing roses and honeysuckle.

Garden Gate

The Garden Gate :: This old barn door was originally acquired (from a friend’s farm) for making a new dining table. Instead we ripped out two cedars and created a side yard gate. It’s now my favourite part of the yard.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse :: Hidden in the back corner of our small yard is our daughter’s clubhouse. We tore down our fence, and then repurposed the wood to create a private space for the girl, old windows give her light and old, tall, wooden shutters are her door.

There is so much more! But this post has done it’s job and I’m feeling much better, have started smiling again, and have a new urge to create.

What are your favourite things around your house?


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