Frankly, I have no idea who the cool kids are.

music to read by :: Strangers (Fiest)




Let us pretend it’s the 1800’s and everything is all proper, that I am the new lady on the block. I do not (currently) have much to offer, but you are unsure of what I have in the way of commodities. I assure you my mode of transport is nice and shiny; I can run my household like nobody’s business.

Cowford Steampunk Society Christmas Gala (not me)

I’m new to society, and need introductions.


You pick a blog, any blog you like, and make a formal introduction in a blog post, explaining why you think I’d like them (or we’d like each other), thereby expanding my social circle.  You know, “blanketly-blank, I would like you to meet blankety-blank.” Then link back, or drop me a comment so I can go visiting.

I, in turn, will figure out how to compile all my introductions into one spot, plus create a roll of all my new friends. And visit. I’ll visit.

Because rambling around, all alone, in your large house is just no fun for a member of society.

Let us think of it as a game.

Or the beginnings of a large party. Please don’t make me drink alone…..

**and yes, tho it is not usually done in polite society, you may introduce yourself if we are not already aquainted. I will not hold it against you**


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