Well, hello there, September!

music to read by :: September (Pomplamoose)




I need goals, apparently. A list of things to make me feel guilty. A list to strive for, and maybe to attain. Goals. These usually work for me, as I am a wimp and try to create a list that will guarantee success at least 50%. Because, ya know our family motto!

Yay us! We don’t suck!

And it’s true. We don’t. We kinda rock.

Except for the doing nothing but read, if given half a chance. So. A list. Goals. Attainable goals for September.

Here we go….


  • Yoga, 2 times a week
  • knit two presents, a scarf for me,  &  a pair of slippers for the basket
  • donate blood


  • 2 mugs
  • 1 baker


  • knock 50$ off the food budget
  • start filling holes in bedroom
  • books on living room floor …. gone!
  • bookcase in bedroom organized
  • buy paint for interior doors

That’s it. That’s all. We’ll check back in October to see how I did. Because there is nothing like a little guilt to get one’s ass in gear.

Plus, the kid’s back to school and I can hear myself think again.


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