The devil is in the haircut, I guess

music to read by :: Devil’s Haircut (Beck)

I seem to be at the point, with my hair, where I just stand in front of  the mirror and sob. Only, these days, the sobbing is longer and louder as I am attempting to cut out all chemical colours, and return to my natural colour. And by “natural” I do mean I plan on using henna.

In fact, henna is what I have use the past two colours in an attempt to blend my natural light brown mixed with grey with the dark brown chemically treated ends. And by “ends” I do mean bottom 5 inches.

Add to this my attempt to not use gel or hairspray, and you have one head of hair that should not leave the house on threat of shaving.


Today it feels that bad.

I think I’ve become cocky with the whole no poo challenge. We have not used shampoo or conditioner since the beginning of February and have no intention of ever doing so again. If fact, the success of the no poo is what led me to the no colour, no gel, no hairspray challenge.

And I’m about to fail.

I’m hoping I can avoid the chemical colour by allowing myself a spot of gel here and there. I don’t have to buy any, I still have some left over in a drawer. I’ve tried making gel before, but with my super fine hair it’s been less than successful.

And I see a hair cut in my future.


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