In retrospect, it seems like a dumb idea

Thinking back on my childhood, I can’t remember a time when I might have muttered the words, “gee, I think I’ll just pop out for a run.” I don’t even think the words, “cross country. yay!” ever passed my lips. I do remember playing soccer (badly), and being on the track and field team, but my track and field area of expertise was the dash. I could dash 100 yards (somedays even 200) like nobody’s business – and that was during a time in my childhood that was not awash with fears of a zombie uprising, and the need to save my brain. Truthfully, my brain was probably at the bottom of my list of priorities. But dash I could.

I could even short dash; full-contact volleyball and basketball with little bursts of speed to stand all sporty-like, asthma gasping aside, on the other side of the court.

And dodgeball. I liked me some dodgeball. I’m not sure if it was the hunter instinct in me, or the unconscious knowledge of having to dodge the walking dead, whilst throwing things madly in their way, sometime in my future.

Or, it could have been that our gym teacher had us play with a medicine ball; builds the abs and upper arms, don’t ya know. (apparently, it doesn’t last into your 40’s tho. damn). I have to tell you, you hit someone in the gut with a medicine ball and and they are going down!

Now I am in my <<cough>>fourties<<cough>>, and I have made a very public announcement about learning to run.


Because I can’t.

Except, I refuse to accept that. So I walk, with the hopes of one day, upping it to a trot, and then to a run.

My shin splints seem to be getting better, but I will keep walking for a bit. My walking partner and I started out at around 3K. We are now doing just over 5 with a plan to push it up each week. I am walking faster and seem to be having no problems with my plantar fasciitis. And, I am loving my barefoot 5 finger Vibrams.

I wonder if I can get up a game of dodgeball, tho….



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