Whole food challenge. Grade = B-

Looking back on last week, I think it is the first week where we made some progress on this whole food thing. Sure, there was still some bad, purchased, packaged foods but nowhere near as much. This can most definitely be attributed to the meal plan, so yeah. Meal plan = good.

Did we stick to the plan? Yes. If sticking to the plan means allowing for the swapping of days to suit the mood. There was only one day where we ate a meal that was not listed somewhere on the plan, but we used most of the same ingredients and did not venture forth to purchase any new foods.

Yay, us!

However, I am noticing my fridge is running out of non-whole food products, which is great! It’s also scary, since I will have to either figure out how to make them, or use up a freebie to purchase.

Things I am starting to run out of? Dijon, vanilla extract (spoiler alert! I did something yesterday!), and worcestershire sauce. I have a recipe for dijon tucked away that i am going to try, but worcestershire? I’ll have to start searching.

The Good
As usual, bread was made, last week in the form of french and dinner rolls. There was yogurt cheese, and yogurt, and strawberry freezer jam. I also made mustard and butter, freezing the buttermilk for future pancake use, and then ventured into the fresh pasta arena. Funny shaped homemade paneer was also had. Our meals, for the  most part, were simple.

Non-whole foods used that were already on site were corn chips, naan (found in the freezer. yay!), and butter chicken sauce.

The Bad
Both freebies were used as we broke down and bowed to our craving for some of Mr Christies good cookies. We also bought chocolate eggs to hide for the kidlette.

We bought cheese, an allowable purchase, for now. I have some guilt with this as I still have not re-attempted the making of mozzarella. I’ll give it another go next week since there is a still a small block of mozzarella in the freezer.

The Ugly
We had cupcakes and date squares bought from a local bakery. I don’t regret it! They were yum! But this goodness is what earned us a B- instead of a good solid B grade.

Oh well.


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