Whole Food Challenge, grade to be sung to Monty Python’s “Spam”

“Fail, fail, fail fail. Fail, fail, fail, fail. Faility faaaaaail! Faility faaail!”

And there you have it folks.

It’s all ugly.

Sure, I made our usual complement of yogurt, yogurt cheese, and bread. I added some chilli, and even a stew. But otherwise ….. think doughnuts and, well …. not even goods ones at that… and the doughnuts were at the end of the week ….

The only good part is, thanks to The Ranting Chef and his post “What’s for Dinner?“, I finally made up a meal plan. It certainly helped in the grocery buying department and so far, two days in, all is good.

Now, excuse me while I go work off a few danishes … (shit! did I say danishes? ignore that)


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