Some days you just have to yell, “it’s chicken soup makin’ time!”

While last week was exceptionally warm (ok. stupid hot), this week has been seasonal and sunny, and Sunday, inparticular, called for soup.

And a slipper.

Yep. Sunday I knitted a slipper.

You see, last September I got this bright idea for a huge  basket of mis-matched slippers for guests to wear while visiting, as we keep our house on the cool side and have all hardwood flooring. The only problem with this grand plan was my complete and utter inability to knit.

Solution? Put it out on Facebook and then meet in a pub and learn! After two lessons I was comfortable enough to attempt basic slippers and off I went. (the process of me learning is a whole other storey. slip knot? nope. can’t tie one)

I now have the basket of slippers, of varying sizes and colours, but on Sunday I had to finish a “pair” for me. The time spent babysitting chicken noodle soup seem like a good time to me.

making basic broth

I started early in the day, making the broth from scratch. Now, I like a simple, basic, broth as well as one that is not watery – but I don’t like to go as far as a “cream” soup.

I simmered the bones for a few hours, until the meat pretty much fell off with a mere poke. I didn’t add anything else during this process, just water and bones.

Once the basic broth was ready, I drained the liquid and returned it to a pot, putting the bones/meat aside for later. I then added two cleaned chopped potatoes (white or sweet, I’ve made it with both) and a large pealed and chopped carrot, some ground pepper, some onion, and some garlic greens.

I let this simmer for a couple more hours; I kitted and cleaned in between checks. Once  the potatoes and carrots were cooked through, and flavours were all mixed together, I used my immersion blender and blended the crap out of the pot’s contents, resulting in a nice thick chicken/vegetable broth. I then added some oregano and thyme, a bit more pepper, and a dollop of balsamic vinegar. I also picked over the bones and added chunks of chicken.

About an hour before dinner I added a couple of handfuls of egg noodles. At this point, my daughter wandered in and asked if we could add dumplings.



making dumplings!

But I told her she had to make them. After the 9 y/o squealing had subsided, she dug out the recipe card and got to work. 1 cup of flour, 1 tsp of baking flour,  1tbsp butter, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 cup milk later, she was a mixing fool and I had a flour covered kitchen.

We brought the soup up to a slow boil and she dropped the dough in using an ice cream scoop.

cooking dumplings!

It took a bit for me to convince her that the dumplings would “grow”, but she finally agreed that maybe I would know and dropped small balls in. We returned the soup to a simmer and let it go for 20 minutes.

Then we ate it all!

I thought I took a picture of the final product, but I guess not. We were probably too excited to eat.

But I can show you my pair of mis-matched slippers, made with double yarn for that extra comfy mis-matched pair!

**disclaimer :: I do know how to knit a pair of slippers, I just choose not to!**


One thought on “Some days you just have to yell, “it’s chicken soup makin’ time!”

  1. Eurgh – I hate it when my comments are gobbled up by the big interwebs while trying to figure out which password fits which account again :P

    Just wanted to say I love the mismatched slippers (especially the featured pair) and pinned them for future reminding that I should make a basket like that too! btw – do you use a template or just knit ‘by eye’? If by any chance you got a template for the above ones, can you throw it my way? They look ever so cosy!

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