Ok. Who are you and what have you done with March

Buddha enjoying his early greens

Well, I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but around casa vassal, it’s summer.

The only problem with that is, it is not summer. It is spring.


And spring in Ottawa, usually means still winter.

Yesterday’s temperature topped out around 27 degrees celsius (80.6F), with a “feels like” of 31 (87.8F). Today is to be much of the same, with a chance of rain.

Lilies taking a peek at March

In fact, all week has been in the mid to high twenties and sunny, sunny, sunny.

The point of all being, my garden is very confused. I’ve been out all week, cleaning up the leaves and dog poo, dragging out patio furniture, and hanging the laundry outside.

I’m fully convinced it will snow again, or that I am in some nice drug induced sleep where it is summer all year ’round.

My yard is convinced spring has sprung and is months behind in it’s growing schedule and must catch up.

strawberry plants!

Next week is supposed to be more seasonal, but still between 6-10 degrees (43-50F) and sunny. Shorts weather, practically, if you are 9.

My daughter is estactic.

the honeysuckle is leafing!

I, however, am worried. If we do get any serious frost, or a heavy snow fall, that could be it for my garden.

The indoor plants are doing also doing well; probably due to the over abundance of sun and warmth.

sprouted from just eaten orange peppers

sprouted lemon seed

the lemongrass has rooted!

avocado sprout

How is your garden doing? Any surprises this year?


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