Whole food challenge weekly update; grade = C


Just … wow.

I’m giving casa vassal a hearty C as a final grade for last week’s whole food challenge. And not a “ooooooo! I have a C rating in my government french levels”, which is great, but more in a “I was a tube top and wedges away from buying all my food packaged by Walmart” way.


Here goes.

The Good
Don’t get me wrong, there was a fair bit of good last week, which was the saving grace in the challenge. I made a bunch of stuff from scratch: hummus (from dried not canned chick peas), strawberry/raspberry yogurt, garlic/dill yogurt cheese, bagels, and pita bread. Plus the majority of our meals. There was beef stew with dumplings, chicken noodle soup, caesar salad (yes, I made the dressing), and other such yummy goodness.

Some of these items were made easier due to the fact I already had some of the pre-made ingredients on hand (noodles, dijon) and did not have to use any “freebies” to purchase.

The Bad
I used both of my freebies. One earlier in the week when I purchased bacon, which I then split into two meals and froze. One bundle is still in the freezer waiting to be used. The second was used on Thursday when hubby and I found ourselves childless for the evening and made the very adult decision to have tiramisu for dinner. Yeah. Dinner, not dessert.

So there I was on Thursday, with both freebies used.

The Ugly
Yeah. The Ugly. And it was. Where to start?

Well, there was the one crappy day I had; feeling under the weather and rock tired is not conducive to making everything from scratch. After some whining on my part and some inability on hubby’s part to make sense of a fridge and cupboard full of one ingredient items, pizza was ordered.

And do I need to point out that Sunday was bee-U-ti-ful here in the 613. Usually, we sit around 2-8 degrees Celsius this time in March which, while granted can be short-pants weather, is not what it was. It was (are you sitting?) in the 20s. Yes. The twenties. The wander around with your friends, wearing a skirt, no socks, in a t-shirt, no coat, just hanging kinda glorious day. When I finally realized I should go home and feed my family, it became a pick up chicken wings and fries kinda day.

We won’t even talk about the mozzarella making fiasco.

Exemptions list
Last week did teach me that I need to update my exemptions list, even if just for a short time, until I master the making of some things.

Like cheese.

So. The list, as it stands now, is: Soy milk, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta.

I will work to remove the cheese items from the list.

And I probably won’t use one of my two freebies for tiramisu again.

Tho it was good.

(updated to whisper: i forgot to mention the fudgee-o’s. let’s just not talk about it. ok?)


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