some days you just have to yell, “it’s bagel makin’ time!”

In light of our brand new whole food challenge, as posted Monday, Tuesday became bagel making day. I haven’t made bagels in over a year, so it *was* something of a challenge to bake instead of wandering down to the local bagel shop; more than one ingredient, dontcha know.

fresh farm eggs

4 fresh farm eggs

Out came the eggs; lovely local fresh farm eggs from chickens whose butt our dog has sniffed. Yum. Butt sniffed chicken eggs, beated, and then added to the yeast (equiv of 2 packages, 1/4 cup warm water), salt (1 tbsp), sugar (1 tbsp) mixture and mixed up all loverly like.

I then poured in 2 cups of potato water. You know, the water you cooked your potatoes in the night before. Or, as I most often have to do, water. Warm (potato) water.

Mix, mix, mix.

mix, mix, mix!

The flour came next.

Almost 8 cups of the fluffy stuff, one floury cup at a time. Again, mixing, mixing, mixing. I think I turned out this batch at approximately 6 cups and started kneading.

Then into the oven to proof for about an hour.

After it rose to almost double it’s size, it was time to shape the dough into bagels.

This is the fun part. It’s also the messy part. For me, at least.

I separated the dough into approximately 32 pieces.

shaping the bagels

Well, I didn’t really.

I know from past makings how to separate the dough so that I will end up with approximately 32 bagels when all is said and done. I actually shape by baking sheet, due to space limitations.

I rolled the pieces into little balls, then viciously poked a hole in the centre and shaped, then dropped them onto a greased baking sheet.

While leaving these shaped bagels to rise for about 15 more minutes, I brought the dreaded large pot of sugared water to boil.


Boil, then bake.

boil them there bagels!

The bagels were dropped, one at a time, into the boiling pot, and left to cook for 3 minutes, flipped once.

ready to bake!

After the boiling of the bagels, I pulled them out and laid the bagels back on their greased baking sheet.

It would be about now that I should have brushed the tops with an egg white/water mixtures, or even sesame seeds,  but I didn’t this time. I have no idea why. Laziness, I guess.

Into the oven they went; preheated to 425. I baked these puppies for about 25 minutes, until I noticed the tops turning brown.

Out they came.

ready to eat!

Into a bowl.

Into our mouths!



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