Whole Food Challenge, Week 1

Wow! The time does fly when your tub is backing and and your house is falling down around you! Good times!

So, much like the 12 in 12 challenge (which, I know, I need to update you on. soon, soon.), I’ve decided our household will participate in our version of the whole foods challenge. Ours will be  a weekly challenge, updated on Mondays as to how we are doing.

I’m sure we’ll suck.

I’m sure it will be like the salt thing, where we are positive we don’t eat much salt but, as it turns out, we do. We really do. We really, really do. And that’s without us adding salt to our foods. Because we don’t.

And that was a scary realization.


Whole Foods.

As interpreted by casa vassal.

The main rule of the house will be, “if we can’t make it at home, we can’t eat it”.

That being said, I don’t plan on slaughtering animals anytime soon. Nor am I planning on growing, harvesting, and processing wheat on my urban homestead.

So, re-read that main rule as, “if we have to buy it, it will have only one ingredient”.



That being said ….

I’ve decided we can have two freebies a week. For example, if we want sausages, we can buy them, but there goes one freebie.

Soy milk is an overall exception. I have made our soymilk in the past, but now that my daughter is opinionated it will be easier to stick with the store bought stuff.

So. Soy milk, two freebies, and items of one ingredient, along with weekly updates.

I know this will be harder than we think, and I know we will make some mistakes but it will all be to the good, save us money (retirement on a sailboat anyone!?), lower our salt intake, and help us down the road to health.


Wish us luck.


One thought on “Whole Food Challenge, Week 1

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