some days you just have to yell, “it’s dog food makin’ time!”

This is shaping up to be a week of prep and store for me, which is all good, but may lead to a less balanced blog.


I’m the princess here, so suck it up.

Yesterday I made a batch of the pup’s food, which is always entertaining as he glues himself  to my leg until it is done and he is served. I’m not sure why this is a big deal for him, as this is his regular food, not a treat, and it is made approximately once a week.

mmmmsweet potatoes

I start with sweet potatoes, just one, which sends him into a tizzy. I always ensure a few small pieces fall to the ground during the cutting process. I don’t worry about peeling them, but do give them a good washing before chopping.

Into the bottom of a pot – with about a 1/4 cup of water – they go.

add carrots and garlic!

Then I toss in some carrots. The amount depends entirely on what I have in stock. This time around it was the last of a bag of baby carrots.

Then garlic. mmmmmmgarlic! My pup loves himself some garlic in his food. The garlic is tossed in as is, and I usually use the small bits I don’t cook with, because, well, they are small and I can just use them up in the dog food.

See. It all works out.

add the meat!

Then I add the meat, usually ground beef, but he has had turkey and chicken, and sometimes fish if I can get it on special. Again, the amount depends on what I have in stock, but I have noticed I tend to work in thirds; one third potato, one third … oh, you get it.

Toss the lid on and set it to a high simmer, mixing it up occasionally.

When the food is almost cooked, I usually add some fruit. Again, it’s what’s on hand and will go with the meat/veggie combo. This time around I added an apple, and as with the potato, I need to make sure a few small nibbles hit the ground while chopping. The last time he had salmon I used blueberries and rice with carrots.

blend!Once everything is cooked, blend the food up, leaving a few chunks, if that’s how your dog rolls. Package it up and refrigerate or freeze.

This is the only food my dog gets. We do not (unless there is some kind of travelling need) purchase commercial dog food.

And yes, this is less expensive as well, for a couple of reasons. We have a small dog. He doesn’t weigh more than 17-20lbs, and most of that is fur. He get’s about a half-to-full cup for breakfast, and the same for supper – if he gets it, that is.

Because our dog also get’s to eat what we eat, depending, of course, on what we eat.

Bacon and poached eggs for breakfast? We make him a plate. Homemade burgers for supper with sweet potato fries? Yep, He gets that, but without the bun and condiments. Boiled eggs with homemade hummus, fresh yogurt, and veggies? You betcha!

And all this is less expensive because we use what is on hand. No special purchases for his food. And for a bonus our dog is not picky, and he’s healthy from all the real food.

We don’t add any special vitamin mixes to his food, as we try to suppliment with treats he would eat naturally, if he was wild and able to fend for himself.


Which he is not. He is essential a walking stuffy.

Raw bison bones and dehydrated livers from the butcher, to name a couple of his favourite treats.

So, our puppy is healthy, happy, and by some standards quite spoiled, while we get to be frugal in our spending and continue along our path of exploring and switching to all real foods.

Do you feed your pets real food? What recipes do you use? Are you pets happy with their real food?


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