From zero to, uh, zero

Well, you might as well kill me now and chop  me up into little pieces for the Zombie stew, because if the uprising were to occur tomorrow, I would be nothing more than a zombie taster plate; a prelude to the big brain nosh.


Because not only do I have asthma and plantar fasciitis, I have discovered I also have shin splints. Big ol’ out of shape princess-y shin splints. And these shin splints reared their ugly heads (?) on my second day out, causing much pain and more walking than jogging.  And lots of stopping. And much patience from my training friend.

I think this is one case where my princess-i-ness comes in handy as there will be no chance of me “running through the pain” and causing any kind of permanent damage to myself. And while my not-so-inner princess was tempted to toss in the towel on day two, my getting-old-and-decrepit self beat down the princess and started icing and stretching. I’ve taken a few days off, and we start back tomorrow, knowing there will be more walking than jogging. It will take us much longer to get to full on jogging, but it will be worth it in the end.

Because, come hell or high water, I will not be zombie kibble.


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