so. with a winter snowfall warning in effect

While the end of February may not seem like a good time to discuss the garden and what food stuff I plan to put away in the fall, it is. It really is. February is the time I can make crazy plans in my head without worrying about the need to jump into action come the weekend. February also gives me three long months in which change these plans, search for items to repurpose for planting containers, and to decide which plants in the house will go to summer camp. Yes, three months. In Ottawa one shouldn’t really consider putting things into the ground until mid to late May. Yeah. May. (Why do I live here?) Then there is the fact that I live all urban, leaving me with not much space to plant. But I do well with what I have, if I do say so myself. …..

Louisa, over at The Really Good Life , asked what garden plans one might have this week, and my only answer can be, none. Nope. Nada, Zilch. No gardening for me. It has started snowing again and we are expecting 15 centimetres, or so. I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea, not even if I had a green house. (which I totally would had I the space)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t garden on a “small, indoor sense”.

Because, you see, I do seeds.

But not in the “let’s start my plants indoors” way.

avocado plant

1 year old avocado plant, started from seed

In the “hey! look, I have a pile of seeds left over from eating dates!” way.

So, this week, I’ve planted 6 date seeds, 3 avocados, and a handful of pepper seeds.

I also took this time to poke and feed my existing avocado plants, all of which (about 4) will head to summer camp this year.

Summer camp, when I drag my tropical or food plants outside to the porch, deck, or garden until mid-September. Summer camp, the time that sees the most growth in the previous mentioned plants. Summer camp, the time that gave me a 6.5 foot banana plant.

I also took time this week to poke the pineapple plant, which was started from a top last fall. It seems to be doing well, with some new growth coming up from the middle.

Pineapple plant

Pineapple plant, with new growth

Do I expect to wield fruit from these plants? Well, never say never. My fig plant has given me a fig or two, tho the squirrels got to them before I did.


Garlic, in a pot!

And finally, I poked the garlic and trimmed the hot pepper plant. This is my first year attempting garlic in a pot, so we shall see. If it works well, my summer will be made, as we looooooooove garlic here.

Potatoes and onions have been planned for the spring, so we’ll start looking for a way to repurpose something to hold back the dirt, otherwise, I’m still not sure what else to add to the garden.

But for now, it’s snowing and it’s time for me to put on a fire and read for a bit.


2 thoughts on “so. with a winter snowfall warning in effect

  1. Love this post! I love hearing about your experiments planting whatever seeds come your way. Your avocado plant is so cool! The “craziest” experiment I’ve tried so far is planting pecans, but they’re doing super well. I did also try garlic in pots. I didn’t get bulbs (I think they need a lot more sun for that), but I did enjoy munching on the yummy greens. Thanks for your lovely post!

  2. You are an inspiration to grow stuff that isn’t suppose to grow in Ottawa. The joy of seeing that little green shoot pop up never gets tiresome! Nature is magic!

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