Running, Week 1, Day 1

Well. That Sucked.


I have quickly learned that “running” on my not-actually-mine-treadmill is just not going to happen. I am, essentially, a princess and if the opportunity presents itself to hop off the treadmill and knit, well honey, I’m going to do just that.

So I used my call a friend option. Good friend that she is, she agreed to start run-training with me 2-3 mornings a week, prior to her heading off to work. (my logic being that even if I stop running, I’ll still have to walk home)

I purchased an app called Couch to 5K for my phone (just 0.99$ for my iphone), borrowed toe socks from my 9yo, and head out into the -7C  morning to start running. The app, using intervals, is geared to getting one off the couch and running 5K in 9 weeks.

We shall see.

Due to the cold and my complete out of shapeness, I required two hits of my rescue pump but after that, breathing wasn’t a problem. After a 5 minute “brisk” walk, the app alternated between 1 minute of jogging and 1.5 minutes walking, and finished with a 5 minute walk cool down.

We only paused the program once, to walk up a hill, as we knew we were not going to run up, and pausing meant we still had to do that 1 minute of running once we hit the top.

The end result? I’m totally out of shape, but ….

3.11km with an average pace of 9.37 min/km.

Slow, but more than I’ve ever done. Ever.

Yay me!


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