oh the hair dilemma i suffer

Tomorrow, I head -no pun intended – out to get my hair cut. I haven’t had my hair cut professionally for about 2 years, so you can imagine what I am giving her to work with ….

It’s uneven, with split and broken ends, so I find myself in the position of having to decide if I should have it all cut off or not. I could just have a trim, with a few layers added for body, as I don’t use hair spray, and am weaning myself off of all hair products.


You read that correctly.

Except that I lie.

Just a bit.

I don’t think I will ever *not* colour my hair.

But I haven’t used hair spray in over a year. It’s been two or three months since I’ve used hair gel, and two weeks since I’ve use shampoo or conditioner.

The hair spray was easy. The gel? Not too hard. It just took a different mind set to blowdrying. No shampoo or conditioner? Yeah. well. That’s been difficult. I’ve mostly been using a baking soda/water mixture that leaves my hair very clean, mostly soft, but on some days, too dry. I’ve also use a few applications of apple cider vinegar, though I’m not sure that made any difference. I’m pretty sure the lack-luster results are due to my over-processed hair, as a baking soda wash on my daughter’s hair produced beautiful results with no tangles, lovely highlights, and lots of soft hair.

This brings me full circle to the question of what I am going to do to my hair tomorrow.

It will get shampoo’d at the salon. No doubt about that. But do I cut it tres short, go for broke, and start over. Get a sassy bob and maybe try to not dye my hair as often – (yikes! roots!) – and maybe try to switch back to henna? Or just get a clean-up trim with layers and hope that’s enough to stop some of the breakage.

I’ll probably decide last minute, as she is plopping me down in the chair.

I’ll probably go with the same old.

Frankly, I have no idea.


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