12 in’12 :: Jumping in

Over the past year or so, I’ve read a few blogs where the folks were participating in a 12 in ’11 Challenge, buying only 12 items in 2011, and other such stuff. I’ve been pretty impressed with those who participated that I’ve decided to jump into the club of bloggers who are participating in a 12 in ’12 Challenge, and the like. I’ve mostly followed Louisa over at The Really Good Life, so let’s just call her my inspiration and move on.

This will be difficult for me as I tend to buy things without thinking, yet somewhat easy as I don’t actually like shopping. Of any kind. Though my dislike of shopping probably – at some level – explains why I buy too much without truly thinking about it. (Did any of this paragraph make sense?)

I still haven’t worked out what will be exempt from this challenge save for my intention to keep it to personal items – so things for my daughter or home repairs won’t count. I’ve also decided that even though I am jumping in in  the midst of February, I will mark some already purchased items as part since they were not technically required purchases.


Here we go.

Item One
My maternal grandmother passed away this past December, and left me a little mad money. I promptly went out and purchased a Hoosier cabinet (baker’s cabinet), complete with built-in flour bin/dispenser/sifter for my kitchen. It opened up my kitchen and gave me lots of extra space to display/store my pottery.

Item Two
A coat. Yep.  I’ve always had a soft spot for pea coats and this one was down from 180$ to 45$. I didn’t need a new coat, but hey! 45$. I now have 3 wool coats for differing styles. I should be good for a while.

Item Three
Boots*. Those of you who know Fluevog Shoes will understand this. I spent my anniversary weekend in Montreal and the only place we went (specifically, that is) was the Fluevog shop.  I bought these boots. An unnecessary purchase, yet completely necessary.

Ok. I guess this leaves me with 9 (just nine!?) items left for 2012.  I think I’ll end up excluding necessary replacement items, like undies/socks and such, but otherwise I’ll have to think long and hard before any personal purchases in the near future.

*while the price might not lend itself to frugal living, per se, it should be noted that my Fluevogs last me for years, and years, and years.

.:. Are you participating in any kind of 12 in ’12 challenge? If so, let me know as I would love to follow your progress .:.


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