I ran today, and it wasn’t pretty

I’ve recently decided that, since I am not a runner, I should take up running. Not my usual kind of running; running for the bus, running late, running errands. But good old fashioned slip into a track suit, slap on some runners, and head out doors kind of running.

Except that I don’t wear a track suit, don’t wear runners, and use an old interferes-with-my-internet treadmill that doesn’t belong to me – but you get the picture.

The problem is, I am totally out of shape, have asthma, and plantar fasciitis. So, you know, good times.

But it is important to me that I do this.

I’ve started slow, creating a playlist on my ‘pod consisting of one song. Once I can run completely though the track (a few times) without collapsing on the dog, I’ll add another track. And so on. I currently have two songs on the list. One I can run to, one that kills me, but it’s all good, because when I started I couldn’t run at all.

I find that running barefoot helps with the plantar fasciitis, and taking a hit off of my rescue pump prior to “running” keeps the asthma at bay. I still can’t outrun a decomposing zombie. But maybe next month.


Maybe next month I’ll be able to show that zombie that my brains are not on the menu any longer, that if he wants to nosh on these brains, he’ll have to up his game.

At least for 3 songs, that is.


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