Somedays, you just have to yell “it’s yogurt makin’ time!”

I make all of our yogurt. Why? Because it’s what all the cool kids do, of course!

And, it’s yummy.

Cold milk in a pot

soon to be yogurt! yum!

And while I don’t go all old school and heat my freshly oozed milk over a fire, I do use the ol’ stove and blanket method.

The first few times I made yogurt, I was as nervous as a new mom, positive I would over-heat the milk, over-cool the milk, spill the milk, or maybe even give up completely, poor the warm frothy milk into my coffee. That was a few years ago.

Now I set the timer to ensure I don’t forget I’m making yogurt.

All this to lead up to the fact it’s yogurt makin’ time in casa vassal. The time when organic milk is poured lovingly (and frankly, sloppily) into a pan, heated to 180 degrees, cooled, then fed last week’s extra yogurt as starter. The time when jars are warmly wrapped in a polyester blanker no one in my house will use, and left to thicken by a heat vent. The time when I state, “this time I will **not** forget I am making yogurt, and **will** remember to unwrap and put the yogurt in the fridge before going to bed!” The time when I sit up straight in bed at 4am and yell, “crap!”, terrifying the dog.


Yogurt makin’ time. It comes every week. One would think I would have a better grasp by now.

But I have remembered to mark the starter jar.

Do not eat!

Do not eat!

And I have started adding my own flavourings. Like strawberries. Cooked in maple syrup. Because I live in Ontario and we do shit like that. Because maple syrup grows on trees … uhm … in trees.

The best part? We get to eat it!

Yogurt with Strawberries and Maple Syrup

Yogurt with Strawberries and Maple Syrup

.:. Do you make your own yogurt? Do you use a machine? Any nifty toppings you’d like to share so I don’t have to plant more strawberries in the spring? .:.


4 thoughts on “Somedays, you just have to yell “it’s yogurt makin’ time!”

  1. Now that it looks so easy, I’m definitely going to try it. I’m glad Im not the only one that scares the dog in the middle of the night with sudden loud exclamations.

    • You will be making it like a pro in no time. After a few batches, you will be wondering what took you so long to try it. And then move on to the yogurt cheese … it’s amazing.

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